I’m hungry

Drove up to Mount Seymour late last night to get some good viewing of the Perseid meteor shower. We parked in a parking lot about 3/4 of the way to the ski lodge and lay out on the ground. There were a few other people around too. Had great view of the sky and got to see quite a few meteors. Some were really bright and long and left trails, others were dim and quick and short. We shared a Thermos of hot chocolate, cookies and other snacks but got chased away by mosquitos. Almost hit a deer driving around in the dark too. But it was worth it and a very nice way to spend a night.
So now it’s Saturday and the packing begins… we’ve only got 2 weeks to do it all and we’re probably going to be away for a third of it (back to Salt Spring for some R&R). Are those baby kicks? I can’t tell yet. Either kicks or gas… an the pretty purple flowers John bought me seem to have bloomed another set of flowers within the purple ones. They’re dotted with little white blossoms… it kind of looks weird from far away but up close it’s really pretty. Anyway, off to make chocolate chip pancakes… have I mentioned that I’m hungry?

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