Attack of the Wednesday

Wow this week seems to be screaming on by. Already Wednesday and I haven’t accomplished anything. Well, nothing worldly significant anyway. I packed some more stuff – only 13 days until The Big Move. John is still convinced that his pregnant wife is irrational and overreacting when she thinks that he, despite his eternal optimism and superhuman strength, will not be able to move all of the furniture by himself. Since I can only lift shoe boxes containing shoes (of which I have many – it will take quite a bit of time) I am pretty useless in the actual heavy lifting department. Instead, I get to be the anal packer and All Supreme Dictator of Unpacking. Since we’re going on vacation for 6 days the week before we move, everything’s got to be ready to go in 7 days. Which means I have to finally get under the bed and pull out all those boxes of crap. And get into storage and pull out all those boxes of crap. And into the back of the kitchen cupboards and pull out all those boxes of crap. Salvation Army gets it so good whenever we open stuff up and start purging.
I’m meeting my sister-in-law for lunch today – a momentous occasion. I hardly ever see her and her husband (John’s brother) even though they live 15 minutes away. She’s scared of anything bodily, like needles, pap smears, blood tests, and birth, so chatting with me always gives her that squeamish “Oh do I have to?” look. But hey, that’s the joy of being a human incubator. Peeing 26 thousand times a day and watching your belly button creep ever closer to the flesh of your stomach. And watching numbers on the scale appear that are higher than your IQ (which is really high of course…)
I’m currently eating a bowl of mushy Grape Nuts – preparing for the days of having to eat more baby food than the baby I suppose. It’s full of iron which is why I’m eating it and it’s only partially gross. It’s soggy, warm, sugary wheaty mush that looks like what i would eat if I had no teeth. And since I’ve got all my teeth (plus an extra one – my one wisdom tooth that the dentist told me I could keep… in my mouth. Hence the high IQ) I wonder why the heck I suffer eating this stuff. I have such great childhood memories of eating it hot on a cold morning on the farm… just goes to show that memories are never what they seem.
John’s playing in the semi-finals of his league’s soccer playoffs tonight. This is the first time in 3 years that his team has made it past the first round of playoffs, so naturally they’re all excited and jittery about tonight’s game. Which means he’s even dreaming about soccer. And I even, for the first time last night, made John get out of bed to make me something to eat because I was hungry.

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