I’d like to point out that it is not yet 8:00 am and I am up. For me, a rare event. But alas a full day of work is calling. Even though I’ve been having terrible nights of broken sleep, I don’t feel too bad. Each night I wake up a few times, toss a bit, can’t get comfy, listen to John sleep mumble – he actually threw up his hands during his sleep talk last night – and count down the days til I can sleep with the windows open and not hear anything except the wind (12).
John’s soccer team won the FVCSL semi-final last night – it came down to a 2-2 tie game even after 1 10-minute Golden Goal overtime. They won in the shoot-out. John even scored the team’s first goal of the game. It was a really exciting game. Considering I used to hate, loath, abhor and even detest soccer, I’ve come a long way. I was a slobbering, yelling, cheering fan with the rest. I think the baby certainly enjoyed it because it was bopping around inside too.
I forgot to mention the clumsiness that seems to befall the preggos of the world. It’s either that or I’ve been having some seriously subconscious dislike of my drinking glasses lately. I’ve broken more than half a dozen in the last 2 weeks. On Monday morning I fell over my own foot into a kitchen chair, the office desk and a window trying to sit down for breakfast. That night we went out for a lovely dinner for my best friend’s birthday and intended to take a short walk on the beach after. I stepped off the grass onto the beach and immediately crashed down onto all fours. Then I tripped in the Starbucks bathroom. My inner ear is a mess or my centre of gravity is rapidly changing with the growing globe that is my belly.
I do get to go to the doctor today and even though most people dislike these kinds of professionals, I enjoy the dentist and the doctor. I get to hear my baby’s heartbeat each time, get weighed, blood pressure taken, and sit around a room full of other large-bellied women drinking water, getting up to pee and complaining about some body part or other. But now I have to go because it’s time for breakfast and I’m hungry.

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