Great Weekend

I actually slept through the entire night last night without waking up. A miracle for me, since I’ve been tossing and turning for the last few months, unable to rest comfortable and thoroughly. Perhaps it was the wonderful weekend we enjoyed that so relaxed me completely that I slept soundly. Friday night I enjoyed the onscreen sizzle of Cillian Murphy as the baddie in "Red Eye" and then ate strawberry and chocolate crepes with Holly at the outdoor cafe while admiring the shockingly diverse fashion misdemeanors that adorn the streets regularly on Friday night. I mean seriously. Do people not even look in the mirror before they leave the house? And if they do, why do they not run screaming back to their bedrooms to change?
Saturday was a beautifully sunny day. We got the to field just as the consolation soccer game ended, and John and his team pumped up for the Clash of the Titans. It was a spectacular game, and John scored his team’s first goal. His team won the finals for the first time ever and claimed the trophy away from the yellow team (who always win). They also swept the board with Top Team in the league and the Most Christianlike Team in the league. Even the baby was cheering away, the way it was booting around my abdomen. Then we headed to Deer Lake for the Michael Buble concert. What a perfect way to end the day. The evening was clear if a bit chilly, and the concert was terrific. Michael has a great stage presence, is a funny guy, and has an outstanding band. He got the crowd going and even had everyone up and dancing for the last few numbers. The park is a great place for an outdoor concert, set up like a mini festival with a beer garden and a bunch of food trailers. So we had Torpedos for dinner.
Have you ever had a torpedo? It’s like a samosa trying to be a burrito. Pretty tasty, except if you mistake the ketchup for hot sauce (which I did) and fill the darn thing with sweet tomato paste instead of spicy chili sauce… then it’s more like Shepherd’s Pie in a tube. Otherwise, pretty enjoyable evening.
Sunday was another relaxing day. After church we came home and just relaxed. Well, not exactly relaxed, but it involved the bedroom and I’m not going any further. Another reason I slept so well last night. And since John made a fantastic steak dinner, I didn’t go to bed hungry either.

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