Almost gone

We’re leaving on vacation tonight to go to Salt Spring Island until Sunday night. I’m really happy to get a vacation but it’s also a weird time to leave because we move into out new house on Tuesday. So our place here is pretty much packed up and ready to move. It’s been a struggle because ever-optimistic John doesn’t think we’ll need anything bigger than a few pick-ups to move everything. I have butted out of the argument once and for all. I have resigned myself, in my engorged-abdomen state, to be the director of packing and unpacking, not transporting. Even packing gets tiring, if I am standing or bending over too much. It’s amazing how quickly the lil bambino gets in the way of tying your shoes. I used to be able to touch my toes. I can barely see them now.
We visited my uncle last night. He and my aunt have renovated their house and are selling off a bunch of their furniture, so we went to take a look at the loot.They had given me a simple glass doored cabinet from Ikea a few years ago for free, because it had no shelves, so John had just had custom glass shelves made for it. They have a matching one into which they put the shelves from the first, so we did want that. Uncle said, "Make me an offer." I said, "20 bucks." He looked injured. "45". I thought for a second. "35." "38." I looked at him incredulously, like are you really going to go ballistic for 3 dollars? But he had that crooked grin on his face and gave into 35. It happened to be the exact amount of cash in John’s wallet, so it must’ve been some sort of intuition that we female are so blessed to have (hahaha). Anyway, then on the phone with Auntie, I heard Uncle say, "She low-balled me at 20. Ok, I’ll meet you at Ikea." This is the uncle who has a storage locker (plus space in other people’s houses) jammed full of furniture from dead relatives. So I asked him why he was going to Ikea. "I need a bed for the guest room." "Isn’t there a bed in the storage locker?" "Oh probably, but I can’t get to it." So the man who wants to get rid of and sell all the excess furniture in his possession (which could probably furnish several houses and a summer cottage) is going to the furniture store to buy more because it’s easier to do that than to retrieve one from the locker. This is also the man so obsessed with tiki paraphernalia that it overflows into every aspect of decor in the house, and lives is a storage space in the neighbour’s attic. Some serious materialistic issues going on. But they’ve done a beautiful job on the renovations…
Ok I’m finished my Froot Loops now, it’s time to start working and get a move on the day. I’m sure I’ll be hungry again in an hour.


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