it’s been awhile

It just occured to me over my toast and eggs that I haven’t written in awhile. The basic update is that we’ve moved and it’s fabulous. We feel totally at home and I love all the space we suddenly have.
But have you noticed how much you can cram into a 1 bedroom condo? Because now we have 3 bedrooms, a garage and almost 3 times the space, and it’s full. As in all the stuff from our condo just spread itself out to fill the cracks. I mean, now I have a proper office room and a baby room, and 3 bathrooms (who needs 3 bathrooms for 2 people!). But it feels lived in already. And the neighbourhood is great. The kids next door came running into our yard and through the back door the other day to show us their toys. Definately not shy. I wonder if that’s going to hurt them as adults, running into people’s houses unannounced.
Baby is super active now. Sometimes it kicks so hard it startles me. Must look weird to people when I suddenly jerk to one side or grimace like I’ve been kicked in the stomach. Which I have been.
I went down to Portland last weekend for 3 days with my friend Camilla. We drove down Thursday night, stayed in a hostel and came back Sunday night. When we crossed the border, I handed our ID to the guard, explaining that I had 3 pieces because 2 were in my maiden name and one in my married. The guard replied, "So you 2 are married?" Haha, US border guard assuming that all Canadians are now getting married to our same gender comrades. Just like last time I crossed the border, the guard asked me when the last time I did narcotics was. Not if I’d done them. Just when. Because I’m from BC of course and the bud is good here. And when I said, "Never," he didn’t believe me (or John) and peered around the car and said, "You’re telling me you’re supposed to be married (which we were) and you’re from BC (which we are) and you’ve never done drugs (which we haven’t)?" So then he still didn’t believe us and said, "Ok, I don’t even care if you’ve done them lately or not, do you have them in the car?" WHAT? Trying to catch me off-guard I suppose…
Anyway, Portland was great, we drove around alot, shopped alot, ate alot… and spent alot. After all, no tax. So now I’m broke. Oh well, having a baby makes you go broke too I guess.
Ok time to go to work now that I’ve eaten and I’m not hungry anymore.

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