first snow

Well so much for keeping an (almost) daily record… but that’s the way it goes when you have 3 jobs, a husband and a severly engorged abdomen. The countdown is on, only 6 weeks left until the big day. Although really, a baby comes on its own darn time – my girlfriend was 5 weeks early last year with her first, so anything goes. We’ve started to actually feel prepared (ha!) by setting up the bassinet and crib, and loading up on Huggies. This kid has more shoes than I do already (thanks Grandma!).
It’s been frickin freezing lately, which of course turned into snow last night. Ah, sounds beautiful you say? Have you ever seen snow in Vancouver? Looks good from a window, when you’re on the inside next to a warm fireplace. Unfortunately, Vancouver, as a temperate rainforest (yes, rainforest) means that snow is not such a blessing. It arrives all gently and serene like through the night, but hangs around in wet, mushy clumps. This is not your Christmas card snow fall. This is a cold, frozen bucket of dirty glop. And the worst part is, that it causes temporary driving amnesia. Vancouverites simply forget how to drive when it snows. And so, with only 1/2 inch of mushy mush on the ground, roads are closed, schools are closed, busses are closed, and cars are pitching off the highway in every direction. It’s such a tragedy really. We rarely get snow, and when we do, at first we are so excited about the beauty of it all (and the great skiing it’s creating only a few hours away) that we rush out to enjoy it, only to get soaking wet and dirty and rush back inside complaining of the cold wetness of it all. Well, I for one enjoy a white Christmas and just plan to drive a little (ok a lot) slower.
And today it’s especially special, because it’s John’s birthday, and he doesn’t remember if it has ever snowed on his birthday before (although the almanac says the greatest snowfall was in 1985, of 7cm – woopee!). Being John’s brithday, I got up early and made a special birthday breakfast and watched him open his presents from me. We’ll be going to the Beecher Street for dinner tonight. I truly love you, John, and this is your last birthday before baby. So we’ll enjoy just being a couple!
Oh, and for those of you wondering where the Halloween pictures are, I’m sorry, I’ve been too busy. They’ll go up this week.

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