careful what you wish for

So who knew that being pregnant means you get an itchy belly? Well, according to every book and magazine I read, pregnant bellies are itchy bellies. So load up on the cream and try not to scratch. But what if the itch is unbearable, constant, drive you crazy, to bouts of scratching in the middle of the night? It’s a case of PUPPP – don’t even try to pronounce. Affects about 1% of pregnant women, just like me. So I spent an afternoon on the web researching how to stop the itch, went out and bought a cream, and it was a bit of relief for about 30 minutes. Then it starts again. So when I went to the doctor yesterday, I said, "I have a rash" and she instantly said, "You’ve got PUPPP." Like when your computer says, "You’ve got mail." So calm she was, I was almost tempted to think that PUPPP was a blessing. At least she prescribed some anti-itch, soothing, topical cream which actually helps for a lot longer than the other cream I bought (bummer, since the Aveeno was expensive – I guess it’s still a good investment). So I tell my husband I have PUPPP… and he says, well you always wanted a PUPPPY… isn’t he hilarious? So be careful what you wish for, you might just get it, in some bizarre, twisted, infuriatingly itchy kind of way.

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