what’s in a date?

What’s in a due date anyway? It’s three days past now – actually I wrote something 2 days ago but the browser crashed and it got lost… we are still waiting. Every little Braxton-Hicks, every little twinge of a backache, seems to indicate that the arrival of this baby is sooner rather than later. And at least we know it can’t stay in there forever. The doctor’s will generally wait about ten days before inducing labour, but I have heard that induced labour is harder than natural labour. So I continue on, drinking my raspberry leaf tea, squatting, Kegeling, doing yoga, going for walks, and generally trying to get things going. Leigh and I are heading to Nando’s to eat spicy chicken for lunch. Maybe the heat will get things moving.
In the meantime, here is a beautiful preview of a photo shoot we had last week. Our good friend Peter Schroeder is a photographer and did this in our living room! Amazing…

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