milk factory

Being a new mom is hard. Our little Emma is an eating, sleeping, pooping, peeing machine. I am the milk maid. On the one hand, nursing can be the satisfying , bonding, close, intimate, cuddly experience all the books and magazines talk about. However, sometimes it feels like I’m a human pacifier. I was blessed with a gentle suckler (not the Barracuda, which I have heard horror stories about). However, gentle suckling aside, she’s also quite a cuddly suckler, in that she doesn’t let me know when she’s done eating. Phooey to all the books and magazines that offer the standards to know when your baby is done eating: baby stops swallowing/falls asleep/pulls off or breast is softer/empty.

Emma almost always falls asleep during feeding, then pulls off because she falls off. She does swallow a lot in the first 5-10 minutes, but then she sorts of suckles a few, swallows a few. As for the full/empty breast thing, since she’s nursing every hour (or more if she can get it!) I don’t even know what full feels like anymore. They talk about let-down – my milk just seems to flow all the time. And one breast definately is a fire hose while the other one is like garden hose. And while the fire hose seems to be the Picture Perfect Breastfeeding Breast, the garden hose hurts… all the time. It’s the same baby’s mouth doing the nursing, and the same milk coming out, so what’s the difference?

And then I just read this article on Today’s Parent about crying which actually had a lot about nursing in it, and it made me feel better. As we speak, John is changing Emma, who just peed on him (again).

The last 2 weeks have been partly a blur but full of wonderfulness, elation, nervousness, exhaustion, tears (from everyone involved)… I’ll get around to telling you my Labour and Delivery story soon.


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