Whover said that newborns sleep 16 hours out of 24 should be shot for failing to mention that most of this sleep is in 15 minute blocks. Each time I finally nurse and rock Emma into a drowsy, eyes-rolling in the back of her head, limp armed, sleep and place her in her bassinet, and then make my way to the couch or bed for my own nap, she almost always wakes up within 15 minutes. It’s as if she watches me get comfy and then opens her eyes and mouth to say, aha you thought you would get a nap would you? These are the same people who talk about breastfeeding (see previous entry).

Emma’s 2 week birthday was celebrated by my very first day all by myself, which consisted of the15 minute catnap marathon and Emma’s new thing, the It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to. There were a few times when I managed to calm her down without resorting to the boob because I figured, you ate 1 hour ago, for 45 minutes so you can’t be hungry. I tried singing to her which only made her cry harder until I started singing, very looud and high, Poor Wandering One from Pirates of Penzance. They say babies can hear in utero, and during my last trimester Iwas in rehearsals for Pirates, singing PWO loudly every day. And on Monday, it actually calmed her down. I thought that my out of practice, no breath control due to saggy abs, raspy, overtired badly tuned rendition would freak her out, but she stopped crying, and stared at me with wondrous eyes, as if to say, I know that song! And just then I was elated and knew I would do anything for her.


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