They say babies don’t smile intentionally until about 4 weeks of age.
When they smile before that, it’s usually gas, or a good dream, or a
content doziness after feeding. Emma breaks into these involuntary
smiles as she drifts off at the end of nursing, or in the light stage
of sleep as I rock her further into baby dreamland, or as she lets a
ripper go (usually in someone else’s arms). But this morning she was
fed, awake, and focussing on my face when her little mouth broke into a
smile. I smiled hugely back, trying to encourage her to do it again.
Alas she didn’t so I can’t say for sure she smiled at me with
recognition, because then she crossed her eyes, furrowed her brow and
looked at me like a stranger again. But even for that blessed moment, I
know that she knew I was her mama.


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