the b**b tube

I could be talking about TV. Since John and I don’t pay for cable, we take what we can get, which are a handful of random, subscription channels that seem to have been left on from the previous owner of our townhouse. When I say random, I mean there is no rhyme or reason to the channels: UPN, Treehouse, Comedy, APTN, CTN Newsnet, CPAC, and a bunch of French stations. So at least I can watch Frasier, old Cheers reruns,, Seinfeld and 7th Heaven. And the news. And a bunch of other crap that I don’t want to watch. Unfortunately, I can’t watch Gilmore Girls, so I miss that.

But it’s also a milk duct. Or in my case, a blocked or partially blocked one that leads to a milk blister, which I only figured out yesterday and tried to correct by several methods. They didn’t seem to work. So now of course I’m worried that it’s been so long (weeks) that I left it untreated that it’s turned into a yeast infection or something, since I get the shooting pains deep in my right after nursing. Alas, the joys of motherhood. At least I can figure out Emma’s cries a bit more now. Usually it’s a diaper. Or she’s hungry (again). But more and more she’s starting to be a baby and less of a newborn. She seems to big and heavy to me already (and she’s not even a month old!) But she calms down when I pick her up (usually) which makes me feel like she’s actually feeling better by just being near her mama. And then the days aren’t so long.


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  1. Hey Maggie;
    Hang in there!  All I can say is that I do remember those days, and unfortunately NONE of my children slept through the night until about 10 months of age.  I guess they were afraid they would miss something.  We even let each of the kids, when they were babies sleep with us in our bed, so as I could get some sleep during those early years.  They do actually sleep on their own, but there have been days where Bill & I have had a very full bed with 3 kids and 1 "big" cat.  Wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Do whatever you feel is best, as you are her mommy and no one can ever take that away from you!!
    Love Ya

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