Princess and the Pee

What exactly does it mean to be fussy? In Emma’s case, it’s a Princess and the Pee situation (for the real Princess and the Pea story click here). When she’s awake and happy, she’s a jewel – cooing, staring, almost smiling. When she has passed a drop of pee into her diaper, she cries. And cries. And cries until it’s all gone. Sometimes she cries so hard while being changed that she pees while she’s being changed. Which leads to a lot of laundry. Otherwise, she cries when she’s hungry. Or bored. Or tired. Or lonely. Which are all the legitimate reasons of crying of course. Except when a baby is bored and crying, how do you know its boredom? Usually I assume that if she’s dry, being held and bounced (after becoming bored of staring at the mobile, TV or in the mirror) then she must be hungry. And whenever I nurse her, she always swallows, even if it’s only a little bit, so she must be a little bit hungry. She seems to be like me as an eater, more of a grazer than a gobbler. She eats, falls asleep, sits there, looks around. She never seems to be full, since sometimes she wants to eat again an hour later. And as I’ve said before, the whole full/empty breast thing is a farce. I mean, I know when they’re really full, if she’s managed to sleep for more than 2 hours, but empty? They’re always full of something.

Oh and along with the nursing thing, nursing bras – hardest thing to find and buy in the world if you’re an "odd size" like me. Regular stores don’t carry my size. Maternity stores don’t carry my size. The plus size store doesn’t carry my size. Luckily there was a little place on the strip in Langley that did, with a sweet girl who was super helpful. I’ll be going back. She told me that the best thing she had for her son was the Bumbo Seat. So now I want one. I mean who doesn’t want a chair for the beach where baby can’t get into the sand and start eating it? Cause that’s just gross, especially when you live where we do and all the beaches tend to be infested with Canadian Goose crap. Not that we’re heading to the beach anytime soon (it’s February, remember?) But one can dream.

However, we are heading to Whistler in 2 weeks, which is both great and sucks at the same time. It’s great because I like Whistler – nice village, beautiful scenery, lots of good shopping. But it sucks becuase everyone will be skiing or boarding EXCEPT ME. I’ll be strolling around with Emma, either in her stroller (can it offroad in the snow?) or in a carrier (what if I fall?) I miss boarding, and can only look forward to next season when I’ll have the muscles and time to do it again (I hope!). Unless of course I’m pregnant again. Which may very well happen (we love kids). But don’t hold your breath.


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