babies are everywhere

It seems that when you move into the ranks of pregnancy and parenthood, you either start to notice all the pregnant people and/or parents your age and all around you, or everyone around is actually pregnant and/or a parent. There have been babies born to our friends on Dec 31, Jan 23, Feb 10 and Feb 18. We also know at least 7 more couple having babies in the next few months. It must be contagious. Kind of like the thrush we are now dealing with. Luckily, it’s not a very bad case. Emma’s got a little bit on the back of her tongue, but it doesn’t seem to bother her or disrupt her feeding. I’ve got some on my right, which is really annoying. It’s painful and can bleed sometimes. However, Emma has been napping since 11am (it’s 12:30) and so I am ecstatic. Is this the start of a schedule? Her feeding has become a little more regular. The other day she actually went 4 hours between feedings, twice! Which makes the milk machines rather painful and heavy. Then it’s a race to find a place to feed her. Now!

Since she’s still soundly sleeping, I’m going to try and have a real lunch. We’ll see. She has this knack for waking up or starting to fuss right when I think I have time to eat. Because of course, that’s one of the most important things to do when breastfeeding. Mom needs to eat. If mom doesn’t eat or drink then baby can suffer. However, it’s usually the last thing on my mind. What about the laundry, dishes, email, etc? Well, today I will eat.


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  1. Wow. It has been WAY too long Maggie and John. My dad gave me your Blog
    address and I immediately came on and had to check it out. I just have
    to say first of all Maggies you were the most beautiful, glowing
    pregnant woman I’ve ever seen! And second your daughter is just
    beautiful! But I didn’t have to convince you of that did I? I can’t
    believe you guys have never met Dustin. I was telling him all about you
    two last night. And how much I miss you. We only live four hours away
    from you! We don’t make it out to Vancouver much though. But, we do
    plan on visiting sometime this spring. We have a IKEA gift certificate
    burning a hole in our pockets. And unfortunately the nearest one to us
    is Coquitlam. We might come out for my birthday in March. How cool
    would that be?! We would LOVE IT if you came and visited us sometime.
    We’re starting to build a house in the next few months. So we might be
    a tad busy this spring. But, when it’s done we’ll have tonnes of room
    for you to come and visit! Wow, that was like the longest comment ever!
    But, I’ve got so much to tell you! Call me! 404-0210.
    Love your long lost favourite cousin

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