The only problem with Friday’s is that now Friday feels like any other day… they all run together. Except that I know that John will be home tomorrow and that’s comforting. Emma and I have been driving all over the last few days. Wednesday was my appointment with Dr. Beresford, the OB. What a short appointment. I waited longer than the appointment took. He walked in, checked my file, asked how we were doing, looked at my scar, pulled off the stitch ends (which I didn’t even notice until later), said I could "do whatever you like". I took that to mean that I was given the ok to start exercising etc. However, he did say it was likely that I would have to have a C-section next time. Which on the one hand is disppointing, but on the other hand we were kind of thinking about that anyway. But it’s all in God’s hands, so we’ll see what His plan is for us.

Yesterday we made the trip into Vancouver. It felt so good to be back in my old haunts. And yet I don’t miss it at all. We spent more time driving than stopping, as the trip included a meeting, a visit to my old work, and trips to various kiddie consignment shops. I realized, going into these stores, how much stuff we DIDN’T need. Emma has more pairs of shoes than I do, and that’s a feat. (haha, no pun intended)

But I did buy a new diaper bag. Why, you ask? For those of you that don’t remember my other diaper bag, it’s a chic lil Nine West number that I scored at another consignment store for a steal, and it was brand new. It’s perfect for short trips, when I only need a few things. But when it’s going to be a full day, or when I need to pack my own things, like a book, some snacks, and when Emma’s older and needs toys and snacks too, we’ll need a bigger one. Hence the new bag. Also a steal from a consignment store, also brand new. I love shopping for new bags, especially ones with a purpose. All those purses sitting in my closet are beloved purchases, but frankly, they’re gathering dust in there right now since I pack my wallet and phone into the diaper bag now. So the bag’s gotta be a nice one.

Ok these posts are starting to be really serious and more diary-like than readable. Sorry to all of you who are looking for a little laugh now and then. I’ll try and be more comical.


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