Emma’s friends

Usually when we’re with another couple with a newborn baby of similar
age, Emma is the loud one. Lately though, now that Emma has found her hands, she is much more attentive to them, as
well as to things around her.

On Sunday night we had Bible Study for the first time since Emma was born. Vince and Melissa also were there, with their newborn, Kaydon. He’s 3 1/2 weeks old, and John’s parents are already scheming on Emma and Kaydon’s arranged marriage (she’s also already seeing Elias, son of Lucas and Rachel, in Holland. It’s a long distance thing.) Anyway, during Bible Study, Emma was happily looking around and sitting with Dad. She started to get fussy, and I nursed her (she’s a bit of a cluster feeder in the evening). Then John had to change her diaper. Vince decided to change Kaydon’s diaper too. John finished first, and then lay Emma next to Kaydon. She immediately locked her gaze onto him and was totally fascinated by this new face, this new person who was her size! She was reaching out to him and touching his face and seemed to be saying Play with me! Look at me! Kaydon wasn’t really paying attention (he was only 3 1/2 weeks) but Emma didn’t care.

Last night we had pizza and beer (some people swear it’s good for milk production) and watched a movie at Leigh’s parent’s house. They have a projector DVD and surround sound system in their basement, and Dan and Leigh are housesitting while they’re in Hawaii (lucky them… we have to wait 8 more months…) We watched the latest Harry Potter movie, "The Goblet of Fire." (Yes, I cried at the end, again, even though I knew what was going to happen (read the book twice) and I’ve already seen the movie. But darn the scene is just so poignant…). Anyway, we lay Emma down next to Renee and again, she was transfixed with this little person (that she first met when she was 9 days old, but anyway…) and reached out to her: Renee! Play with me! Look at my hands! We even left them there while the four of us got to eat dinner together – just like old times! (Yeah, right!)

She even sat with John and watched part of the movie with him – she was watching all the characters on the screen and her eyes were following them. This little girl craves stimulation. Sometimes when she fusses, I just walk with her until something catches her attention, or put her down under her mobile, or under the Gymini (she talks to the turtle) and she’s happy again. When she was fussing after the movie, Dan walked with her and when I came upstairs, she was talking to and smiling at herself in the mirror. What a cutie!


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