breast vs. bottle

Last night we tried to give Emma a bottle after her night feeding, with 1 oz of formula in it, for a few reasons:
1. I’m heading to rehearsals next week and John will be with her for a few hours and will need to feed her.
2. I’m not having the greatest success with pumping, and so we wanted to see if she likes formula just in case.
3. She’s sleeping 3 hours at most before waking up, and I’m not 100% sure yet if she’s waking hungry or with just a need to suck (she doesn’t like a soother)

So we tried giving her a bottle. She loves her Vitamin D in the dropper, loves to suck gripe water, and loved her thrush antibiotics – anything that’s sweet and yummy I guess. But the bottle was different. She kept pushing it out of her mouth, or choking on the formula. I guess it was coming out to fast, and tasted enough like my milk that she couldnt’ figure out why her food was coming out of this hard, cold things from Dad instead of from Mom. But we’ve decided to try it every night, 1 oz in a bottle from Dad, so she can get used to it. We want her to have my milk in the bottle, so maybe we should start with 1/2 oz of that instead… The Baby Whisperer gives things 3 days for habits to change, but we’ll see. She’s pretty stubborn. Right now, she’s been crying on and off for an hour as I’ve been trying to get her back to sleep (she only too 1/2 hour nap but clearly is still tired and not hungry… although all the crying is bound to make her hungrier.)

Dear God, give us patience, wisdom and strength to teach our little Emma. May she each day grow more and more into a child of yours.


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