really working?

I just wanted to mention that Emma’s been asleep for almost 2 hours now – a record for putting her in her own bed before she’s actually asleep. I’ve checked on her twice – honestly I can’t believe she’s actually slept so long that I wanted to make sure she was breathing… it’s almost time for dreamfeed

I am so happy to report that dream feed went off, well, like a dream I was really nervous about picking Emma up in her sleep. I was sure she would wake and start crying. I waited a few minutes, til she was just past an REM phase (or so it seemed, she moved arounda bit, twitched, at at one point opened her eyes, so I thought for sure she was going to wake before I even had a chance), gently picked her up, held her to me and tickled her lip with my breast. She gently started sucking and latched on. She fed for 10 minutes, then came off, still asleep. Again, I was afraid she was going to wake as I lay her down, but nope, she went down, wiggled, took a deep breath, and settled back into sleep (I hope! As I write I haven’t heard anything.)

So it’s really working… EASY really is easy so far… today is day 2 of nap training and EASY routine, day 1 of bedtime/nightime routine. The Baby Whisperer says that most habits in young babies can be changed in 3 days or less… it seems to be working… only time will tell!

Good night y’all, time for my beddy-bye


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