habit changing

First I want to aplogize for not posting any new pictures in awhile. I’ve got other things to worry about right now! But they are coming soon… remember, patience, my young Padawan.

After the dreamfeed on Saturday night, Emma slept peacefully until 1am. She stirred and I got up but she didn’t wake up. She stirred again at 2:30 and wouldn’t calm or finger suck long enough, so I picked her up and fed her in her sleep again. She went back down for an hour, but at 3:30 she wouldn’t settle and I didn’t want to feed her again. So I ended up taking her into bed. C’mon, 8:30pm-3:30am is 7 hours, and that’s not bad for her first night in her own bed!

Anyway, so the sleep training and routine goes. Of course, the habit cahnging in 3 days was interrupted by Sunday. Although I love Sundays, they can get overwhelming and busy. Especially with Emma. It throws her off and she gets extra tired and cranky. But we tried out sleep methods anyway. After church, we had a congregational lunch in the basement. So we ate, and Emma visited with a few people, but then she got tired. So I took her into the nursery (she’s the only baby in the congregation right now) and started calming her and patting and sh’ing and finally got the 7-mile-stare at a window, so I gently put her in the crib facing that window. I watched her, and her eyes drooped and she was about to drop off when bam! Some other little kid made a little too much noise in the other side of the nursery. So I tried again and again and again, and finally second service started. So I had to give up and give her to the baby-sitter, who of course walked with her and got her sleeping in 2 seconds. Not what I wanted, but at least she rested. And she did sleep all through second service. However, she complained for 25 minutes in the car, before dropping off, but only lasted about 10 minutes at my in-laws.

They wanted to visit of course, so the rest of the evening was also hard. We tried putting her down with the same methods in the guest room, and she went down for a 15 minutes catnap before her 2nd dinner feed. Halfway through that feed, we attempted a 1oz bottle of freshly expressed breat milk. She was very adamant that she was not going to take it, so after much trying and finally getting the bottle warm (very warm!) and basically holding her down, she finally sucked it back. She like it warmer I think, and had to have it quite far in her mouth as if she were breastfeeding. So we learn some more!

After that, she visited a bit more, then we put her down again. She went down after a bit of a struggle and by the time we decided we wanted to leave at 9pm, she was still sleeping (not that long, maybe 15 or 20 minutes). So she’s not really that rested of course. We picked her up and gently but swiftly got her buckled in the carseat with her almost not waking up, but she did. She stared at everyone tiredly as we said goodbye. She did sleep in the car, and we continued at home. She finally went down aroudn 10:30 or 11, and slept until 1:30am. I had nursed her before putting her down (like a 3rd dinner or waking dreamfeed) but she was fitful so I fed her again when she stirred at 1:30. Then she slept until 4:30 and John coudn’t settle her so we John changed her and brought her into bed. I nursed her and she was fitful until John got up at 6:30 and changed her and took her down to breakfast with him. She loves that. He get some alone playtime with her and she gets to be with him without me. He brought her back up and she lay with me, bobbing on and off the breast and sleeping on and off for an hour before she finally spit up a whole bunch (overeating, but she won’t stop if she’s there…). Then she was happy for about 1/2 hour and started yawning and rubbing her face, so I started our routine again. She did NOT want to go down in her cradle, no matter how droopy she was, because she wanted to stare at the window, which she can’t see from inside her bed. So I ended up putting her down on top of our bed. But at least she went down without to much fuss, and she’s been out for over 20 minutes! Hooray!

This week is really dedicated to the same routine, over and over again. I’m going to give her a few ounces of formula this morning, for the bottle training and to see if she reacts to the formula. Not that I want to wean her or anything, but we should see if she is allergic to it of course!

Tonight is the real test. I’m going to rehearsal, so I will feed her 1st dinner, feed and leave. Then John will do her winddown, give her a second dinner feed (bottle) and put her down. When I get home I’ll dreamfeed and we’ll see how it goes!

Praise God from whom all blessing (and trials) flow.


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