Emma’s memory

I’ve read that a newborn retains a memory (and therefore forms a habit) in an average of 3 days. I clearly saw that with the bottle feeding with Emma. Yesterday she took the bottle no problem. However, it was from me, as well as the day before. So I hope her 8pm bottle feeding tonight from John goes as well.

However, I am happy to report that the nights seem to be well on track. She went down around 9pm last night (a bit later than usual, but that’s ok). I dreamfed her at 12am, and she awoke at 3:30am for a feed and went back down easily. She then awoke at 5:20 and wouldn’t settle, so the rest of the mornings routine was off. I was too tired to be consistent (accidental parenting on my part) and I ended up nursing her in bed with me on and off for too long because she ended up overeating (as usual), choking and spitting up so hard it came out her nose and freaked her right out. She was hysterical.

On these kinds of mornings, after I do a diaper change and she is active for a bit, I’m never sure when she actually ate a full feeding – was it in bed, and did it start at 5:30 or 6 or 7? I’m trying to be more conscious of the timings, to make sure she’s eating enough times during the day too. She is gaining weight but it sure is slowly… we’re taking her for her 2 month checkup and immunizations tomorrow, so hopefully she’s on track. She’s also developed little tiny rash-like bumps on the sides of her face and forehead. She used to have lovely smooth skin. Hopefully it’s nothing serious. It may be she’s allergic to sheets, or spends the night sleeping in a puddle of drool…

The napping is still a battle. I did read today that a newborn cannot hold 3 thoughts in her head though. So if you are in a dark room with a tightly swaddled baby who cannot be stimulated by anything visual or her body, than patting her firmly and sh-ing loudly will eventually distract her from crying. Today it worked, although it was a long time and she was exhausted, already asleep when I lay her down. So she’s only had 4 30-45 min catnaps today. She’s down again now (after screaming in my ear for awhile) and hasn’t woken yet… I think it’s been 1/2 hour. I don’t want to wake her to feed but I know she has to eat soon.

I’m glad the nightimes are going well though. That’s a big improvement. Although we should start going to be shortly after she does… last night we stayed up until it was time to dreamfeed at 11:30 – and she was in such a deep sleep phase that she wouldn’t suckle! I had to try 3 or 4 times and finally she was REM enough by midnight. But I should have gone to bed sooner and woken to feed her because today I’m exhausted. Never mind the fact that it’s a struggle to get her down for a nap and then I have to watch her and try and coax her back to sleep after her 40 min or so sleep cycle, so I don’t nap either. Hopefully her next nap will be a bit better. At least she’ll be more rested than yesterday (I hope!)


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