2 months

Dear Emma,

Today you are 2 months old. It means you’re still really a newborn but you are starting to really get to know your world. I know that you don’t understand much of the world, but you amaze everyone with how much intensity and curiousity there is in your eyes and on your face as you study the things around you, from the bright lights in the kitchen, to the pictures in your room, to you Mommy and Daddy’s faces, to your own hands. You took a long time to come into the world and now that you’re here, you don’t want to miss a thing. You struggle to take naps and when you sleep you do it with your eyes half open, so that the world won’t happen without you. You finally slept 7 hours last week in your own bed, but then only 6 the next, and 5 the night after that, and you kept waking up the last 2 nights so that your Daddy and I had to pat and shush you, and walk down the hall to calm you down.

You take after your Mommy with you grazing habit of eating, your Daddy with your physical strength, and both of us with your looks. You have the lungs of an athlete (Daddy) and a singer (Mommy) which surprised the nurses in the hospital even on the day you were born. You are long and skinny and gain weight slowly, but you are healthy and active and beautiful. You like to ride in the car and sometimes in your stroller; you talk to pictures in your cradle and anyone who will listen, and try desperately to suck your fingers. You own more shoes than your Mommy, more pink clothes than Elle Woods, and enough rattles to open your own toyshop.

When you smile, my whole world lights up, and when you cry, the sky is
crashing down. I know that sometimes you have to cry because that’s how
you tell me what you need and I’m sorry that I don’t always understand
what that is. Sometimes you get frustrated when we don’t interpret your needs properly, and sometimes we get frustrated when we don’t know what those needs are. We’ll try not to smother you but we’ll always be there
for you. We sometimes overstimulate you when we take your intensity for
granted and sometimes you cry just to turn the world off, and that’s ok. We’ll always be here to listen to you and do the best we can to lovingly guide you in your exploration of the world God made for you.

We pray for you every day, that you will be happy, healthy, strong, smart and a child of God. We pray that we are being the best parents we can be.

Love Mommy


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