to sleep, perchance to… cry?

Last night Emma was passing out on the kitchen table (again) as we were eating dinner, so John took her upstairs and tried to put her down. She would not go! I think she has learned that she gets fed 2 times before bed (so she has learned) so I nursed her and did our wonky bedtime routine (trying to fine tune, takes time) and after a bit she went down about 9:30. I fed her in her sleep at 10:30, and we went to bed (earliest night in AGES!). She awoke around 1:30 or 2 (to foggy to remember) so I fed her, and she ate but then was a bit fussy. So John did a diaper, and then she wanted to play! So John tried to soothe her back to sleep, but no go. He gave up and handed her to me (he needs sleep to work of course) and I took her into her room with the lights dim, unwrapped her, let her smile a bit, and when she yawned I wrapped her back up. She fussed of course. I walked around the house once, and she was getting droopy, so I ended up standing in the hallway outside our bedroom, with her faceup as I would have laid her down, and gently swayed back and forth as she STARED at the little green light on the fire detector! When her eyes completely closed after 5 or so minutes, I walked back into our room, put her back in her bed, and went to sleep. She stirred at 5:30 but went back to sleep until 7am! Woohoo! I won’t get my hopes up for every night, but I think the fact that she took some good naps yesterday made all the diffence.

This morning’s nap was in the swing (I got tired of trying to put her down in her bed) and then her 2nd nap was a 20 minutes catnap of exhaustion. And her third nap she went down with little fuss. I picked her up, walked upstairs, changed her diaper, wrapped her up, sang "Mama’s gonna buy you a mockingbird" like I always do (it’s monotonous and not to rangey so I can sing it softly, walked into our room, drew the blinds and curtains, shut the door, and stood with her. When she fussed a bit I changed to patting her back and sh-shing. She got droopy, so I gently laid her in her bad on her side, still patting and shhing and she dropped off! And she didn’t startle too bad in her sleep transitions, and when I went to help her transition at the 45 minutes mark, I barely laid a hand on her and patted – no sh, and she popped her eyes open and then resettled. Hooray! Maybe a breakthough?


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