all smiles

Today I decided to relax up on the hard work of routine and sleep training, and just enjoy being a mom, and love Emma. She was so happy today, almost all smiles. Of course, it seems like she didn’t sleep at all this morning, but she took a nice long nap in her stroller while I was at the mall. She was really smiley and chatty and I just drank it in, missing it from the previous week of crying, fighting and anxiety.

I also purchased yet another baby book, Babywise. I’ve heard lots of good things about it, and it’s actually along the same lines as The Baby Whisperer. You’re all thinking how obsessed I am with information. Yes, sadly it’s true. I find that I really don’t know anything about motherhood, short of what I’ve experienced from others (very little), what I’ve seen on TV and in movies (and how real is that) and what I’ve read (alot). My instincts are there, but they do need to be honed and I am craving information. In generations passed, oral tradition was so much stronger. Daughters learned from their mothers, families were larger and so daughters had a hand in childcare of siblings (presumably), and becoming a mother was a women’s expected vocation. These days, it isn’t so. Daughters don’t learn these things from their mothers, families are smaller, and women are told that they need to be career driven. I’m not saying that having a career is bad. I had one and loved it, but I’ve chosen to put it aside for now.

At any rate, with motherhood being such an "in" thing (I bet you can name a dozen celebrities who are pregnant and another dozen celebrities kids’ names…) of course information and stuff abound. The challenge is filtering through it all and finding what it is matches you and your personality and fits with your baby.

I’m going to bed now – hooray!


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