working out

I attempted to make good on my fitness promises. Leigh invited me to go to her gym today as her guest, and since they have daycare and we are considering joining, it seemed like a good idea.

As a general rule, I dislike gyms. The people who work there tend to be pushy not only about memberships, but about fitness and diet in general. It’s not like I don’t know all that stuff! Give me a break, you work at a gym, of course you have time to make fitness and diet your number 1 obsession. I used to have a membership at Fitness World for several years, and did make good use of it but when it lapsed, I didn’t renew. Then we moved downtown, and had a great gym in our apartment building. I think I saw the inside of it less than a dozen times in the 2 years we lived there. I spent more time walking around the city, and we spent a fair bit of the nice weather biking around Stanley Park. Since I walked to work all the time, and worked out at home with my pilates and yoga videos, I didn’t do much else.

So it was a bit of trepidation that I ventured forth into the sweaty muscly pit of the gym. We dropped of our daughters in childcare and went to workout. When I say dropped off, I mean Leigh literally dropped Renee’s carrier into a crib and waved goodbye, as Renee was peacefully slumbering away. Emma, on the other hand, in her amazing way, had fallen asleep on the way there but woken up as soon as we arrived. She wasn’t fussing as I put her in a swing (she badly needed a nap) and so I left her, hoping she’d fall asleep.

Leigh and I were using the eliptical trainers (which, BTW, is my favourite machine) when she said, uh oh, and I didn’t clue in until I saw the daycare lady standing in front of me. She asked me what to do since Emma was crying. I said that she likes to be walked a bounced. She politely told me that since it wasn’t busy they could try it this time, but as a rule they don’t do that. I secretly thought you run a daycare. It is a service that people pay for. You’re not just a babysitter. People pay for you to take care of their kids for an hour. But I held my tongue. She asked me how long, and I said about 10 or 15 minutes and if she didn’t calm, then to come and get me. Of course, she came a got me.

When I came into the daycare room, who was sleeping peacefully? Surely not Emma. She was hollering away in the other girl’s arms. When she came to me, she calmed down slightly, but since she’d obviously been crying for awhile, she didn’t stop immediately. She finally calmed down, but every time I tried to put her in the swing or in the crib to watch to mobile (which she loves at home) she started to stiffen. I eventually had to nurse her, at which point she fell asleep, slip her in the swing, and hurry out. When I came back, she was still asleep.

I love her to death. She is the most wonderful thing in our lives. But it is hard to go out when she really doesn’t calm down. But then again, when we went next door for lunch, she was all smiles in her car seat. As I finished my wrap, I heard her making poopy sounds and she was all smiles. Then she started to fuss, but I thought we’re only 5 minutes from home, I’ll just take her home and change her there. When I got home, I realized that was a bad idea. She had poop all down her legs, up her back and had soaked her clothes. Again. I don’t know how many times her diapers have leaked. Aren’t these supposed to be super absorbent, leak proof diapers? Yeah right. She has pooped on just about every article of clothing she fits into.

And then after her 2:00 feed, she lay down under the Gymini, happily cooing to the turtle, for the better part of an hour! She really surprises me, how long she can stay awake during the day without proper naps. But John and I both were university students, city folk, and yuppy career people who learned to function on very little sleep. So we can only blame ourselves…


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