It is almost 2:00pm. Emma is taking a nap. One that she has been taking for a long time. Remember me complaining about her 45 minute catnaps? This nap is a record breaker. She has been sleeping since 11:45! That’s over 2 HOURS! Unfortunately, because I was not forewarned about the length of this little snooze, I neglected to set myself up with something to do or go back to bed myself. Thus, I had lunch, cleaned up the kitchen, checked my email, and piddled around on the computer, all in the anticipation that she would awaken at any moment. And the really tragic part? I think I have to wake her up! If she sleeps too much she might not sleep that well tonight… it’s hard to tell of course… Last night she woke up at 2:30 am, only 2.5 hours after her dreamfeed. But then she slept until almost 7. So even if the patterns are erratic, they are definately slowly improving (read: I’m getting more sleep.)

I’m working on uploading videos, so stay tuned for some new footage!


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