more sleep talk

Everday my daughter amazes me. I was able to put her in her bed last night awake, and then just keep my hand on her tummy and shhh her while she stared into my eyes. After about 5 minutes she goot droopy eyed and dropped off. That’s what I’m talkin’ about! When I excitedly told John, he said the same thing happened with her before dinner nap. And it just happened again now. It’s funny, she hit that 3 month mark and suddenly seemed more mature. She can fall asleep more independently, she sleeps in at least one six-hour block at night between feedings; actually she sleeps 10-12 hours at night which is terrific. She goes to bed around 8 after her last feeding, I feed her around 11 or 12 when I go to bed, and she wakes up around 6 hours later for a feeding, then goes back to bed for another few hours. It means she doesn’t nap much during the day, but hey, we are getting sleep now! And this morning when she woke up, she kind of wiggled around, almost fussing for a bit, then contentedly started blowing raspberries and chatting for about half an hour. It was bliss.

And now it’sbliss that she’s been napping for an hour and a half. Have we reached a turning point?!

And she’s very enamoured of sticking anything in her mouth now. If she can grab it, she will eat it. Her favourite is a coloured caterpiller rattle. Here’s a picture of her eating it.


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