Today Emma laughed. Not just a tester "ha" kind of laugh, which she did a few weeks ago. A full on, baby gurgle, cutest sound in the world laugh. And more than once. I was doing some work on my computer while she laid on the floor playing. She started to get a bit fussy, so I made some faces and funny noises at her. She got smiling, then I picked her up and lay her facing me in my lap and blew some raspberries. Normally she would smile and try and blow raspberries back. But today she positively chortled!

She also rolled over last week, tummy to back, twice in a row. She hasn’t done it since, but she’s really strong on her tummy now, holding her head up 90 degrees and looking around. She does roll from her back to her side.

She also sleeps! As in puts herself to sleep. It is wonderful! Sometimes when she’s in her bouncy chair she’ll fuss for about 5 minutes when she’s tired then fall asleep. She NEVER used to do that. And tonight, we went for a walk, had a bath which she loved, a massage, which she also loved, read a book, fed, and then wrapped up in her blanket. She was almost asleep when I wrapped her up, but kind of woke up when I gave her Vitamin D drops. We walked down the hall to our room, and I held her and sang for a minute or two. Then I lay her in her crib and she wiggled a bit but didn’t complain. I sang for a minute longer, then gave her a kiss and she went to sleep. I have a self-sleeping baby! HOORAY! This is good news.

She’s still waking up a bit at night, although last night was better, she didn’t wake up until 5am. I think she tried to drop a day feeding too early and her body wasn’t ready as it was going through a growth spurt. If I feed her an extra time (by spacing her day feedings a bit closer than they need to be) than she sleeps longer.

I LOVE HER SO MUCH! More pics to come soon…


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