Just when you think things are settling down again…

Emma’s growth spurt ‘seemed’ to have come to a slowdown, and she was sleeping longer at night again. Our nursing sessions wer emuch less painful and frustrating than they were, and the days were settling into a lovely "Life with Emma"…

Last week she was crankier and a bit fussier than usual, which I attributed to us being cooped up inside for 2 days while I worked on year-end banking/taxes etc (as fun as that was) and then 2 days being cooped up in the car gallavanting around running errands and such, to make up for the 2 days at home. Little did we know that on Saturday…

She would pop a tooth out! She is only 3 1/2 months. I think the average tooth appears around 6 months. No WONDER she was cranky and fussy and having nursing fits. Poor little swollen gums… her tooth did come in with much less warning and vigour than other teething stories I’ve heard. But c’mon… 3 1/2 months? Wow. And I think a second one is working it’s way up.

So the laughing-rolling-grabbing-teething Emma once again amazes her world (me & John) with her stunning feats of babyism. What a miracle.


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