Pirates! Where are you?

Now that the Pirates have passed into recent memory, it’s time to
reflect on the good times had by all. Thank you to everyone involved,
cast, crew, audience, musicians, you were all amazing to work with!
I’ve got lots of photos! There’s a small sampling here but the rest of
them live in


Things I learned while being a gentle maiden:

Always practice running offstage more than once before opening night.
Otherwise you will run into the set and smack your head.

When you have to be melodramatically crying onstage, saying something
funny to you fellow cast member about what other people on stage are doing which causes you both to try not to
laugh is almost the same thing.

3. Bloomers are hot.

My hair actually curls. And stays curled. But it takes more than an
hour to do. And just about that long to get out. So it really isn’t
worth it.

5. People look older than they are. Except me…

6. Whip cracking is an art.

7. Baritones can sing tenor. Sometimes.

8. Ice cream sundaes are a great way to end the day, especially when shared with 5 other people. And stuffed up Kayla’s nose.

9. When you miss a line, just keep going. The audience won’t notice, especially if you make up other words instead.

10. "Watermelon" and "canteloupe" can be mouthed instead of the right words when everyone on stage is singing. Then it looks like you know what you’re doing.

11. Ad libbing little things each night make each show more fun than the last.

An audience makes all the difference. People will amaze you at how much
they step up and out of their boxes from dress rehearsal to opening

The dress may look good from afar but that doesn’t change the fact that
up close it really looks like I’m wearing a wedding cake.

14. Take lots of pictures. But remember to actually do something with them.

15. Gloves are hot. Really hot. As in sweaty palms.

Make sure you practice what happens at the end of the show, including
after the bow. Otherwise you look really strange just standing there
and smiling when nobody’s clapping anymore.

17. I will be singing that song forever! (You know which one!)


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