A late letter

Dear Emma,

A few weeks ago you turned 4 months old. It happened to be right in the middle of the run of Pirates of Penzance and your poor mommy was so busy and tired that it almost passed by unnoticed. Except of course that we took you to the doctor for your 4 month checkup. You handled it like such a big girl, hardly crying when they stuck those gigantic immunization needles into you, one in each leg. If I had to sum up that last month in one word, it would be "firsts".

You slept in your own crib in your own room. The first night was hard but you slept like a champion. Now you like to go to bed, and most of the time Daddy and I can kiss you goodnight and shut the door before you’re asleep, and you know how to fall asleep on your own. I feel like somehow we taught it to you, but we weren’t as rigid or strict as some sleep trainers say you have to be. And sometimes still, if you need it, we’ll rock you, sing you, pat you, shush you, nurse you or cuddle you to sleep.

You learned how to roll over, first tummy to back, then back to tummy. The first time you went tummy to back I think it was an accident and you surprised yourself. So I put you back on your tummy, and you immediately did it again. But then you wouldn’t do it anymore. Then, sometime in the next few days, you learned to go from your back to your tummy. And that it now your favourite thing to do. One day I put you down in the living room on your Gymini mat, and when I came back a few minutes later, you were halfway across the room. I can only assume that you got rolling and just kept on going. So now we can’t leave you alone for a minute on the change table because you are trying to get off of it most of the time.

It was also the appearance of your first tooth, quickly followed by a second. Of course, it’s pretty early for teeth, and you weren’t quite sure how to handle them at first so you would bite your fingers when you wanted to suck on them. You also bit me a few times while nursing, but that hasn’t happened in awhile, so I hope you’ve learned not to.

You learned how to laugh but it still takes quite a bit to get you going. You don’t laugh everyday, but you do smile the biggest smiles ever. Even if whatever I’m doing made you laugh the day before, you might just sit there and grin or start shrieking instead. But when you do laugh, it’s the best sound there is.

Your personality has definately emerged. You are a determined learner, and a very hard worker. When you want to learn something, you practice and practice until you’ve mastered it, then you move on and learn something else. Now you can grab anything within reach, and usually it ends up in your mouth right away. You also love to bang toys on the table, floor, your feet, or drop them to see what happens. You grab the characters on your mobile and shake it, then watch to see what happens to the rest of the mobile. You experiment with your voice, making all sorts of noises, that sound like some wonderfully strange new language. I know it makes sense to you. You love to be held but sometimes you need alone time. You get overwhelmed when there are too many people or noises around, and we just have to take you away from it and sing "You are my sunshine" over and over, and you calm down just fine.

You still don’t weigh very much, but you have outgrown your carseat because you’re so tall. I think you are skinny because you are always moving. Sometimes you just flap your arms and legs when you’re lying down. If I did that all day long, I’d be skinny too.

And when your little hands brush my hair or face so gently, it’s magical.

Love Mama


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