sick again

Poor Emma has a cold again. I started feeling sick last week and she started coughing and sneezing on Friday. On Monday the doctor said it was just a virus and not serious, just keep an eye on her. The poor thing can’t tell me if she has sinus headache, or earache, or an upset tummy, or just achey all over, but she moans when she’s had enough activity and it just breaks my heart. If she feels anything like I felt Sunday night, then the poor girl is miserable. Hopefully she’ll get over it by the end of the week.
Last week I took a climbing course at Vertical Reality with Camilla. It was a beginner course, to relearn to tie the knots, equipment information, lingo, belay technique etc. I really enjoy climbing, and am planning on getting serious about it. I used to climb regularly at Cliffhanger but life got the better of me (and I got pregnant!) so I haven’t done it in a long time. John hates climbing. He thinks it’s pointless. "You climb the wall, you come down". I love the challenge, how it makes my body feel, getting to the the crux of a route and overcoming the problem, then the thrill of reaching that last grip. Eventually I’d like to get into outdoor rock climbing.
And today is the official start of summer. It’ sbeen great weather, hot and sunny, with cool evenings. I’m glad to be getting out and walking more in, and so my tan has been improving
Ok now Im just rambling. Hup Holland!

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