sunshiney day

It’s been harder and harder to get to the computer lately because the weather has been so absolutely stunning. I’ve been out in it everyday, walking, shopping, lunching, gardening, enjoying the wonderfully loverly sunniness of God’s creation. Ocean Park, Crescent Beach, White Rock, such nice places to enjoy summer. Emma’s loved being outdoors too, and it seems to have helped her over her cold and helped her to sleep amazingly these last few nights. She has been going 6-8 hours in a stretch – HOORAY! As a result, I have been having long nights of undistrubed sleep, with many strange dreams.
The night I dreamed about putting in my contacts, except they were about 2 feet long. They kept getting bigger the close I got them to my eye, but I just kept thinking, oh they’ll fit, they did last time. I actually think it’s a sign since I’m due for an eye checkup and new contacts.
Sunshiney weather also brings the deal-hunters favourite game, garage sale-ing. But buyers beware: sellers can be slick and fast talking. Always open the box before you "buy the whole thing for a good deal" and plug things in before you bring them home. I will not elaborate on our recent purchasing experience which brings on this new-found wariness, but be assured, we were fleeced good and throroughly. Unfortunately, garage sale purchases can’t be returned. And usually it will cost more to fix it than it is to buy a new one. The deal didn’t turn out as bad as we thought, or as it could be, but we should have been more discerning and less greedy.
That said, we did get a bunch of real super deals too, like a jogging stroller for $15. C’mon! Can you beat that!?

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