Party party party

The fun started on Thursday – John’s uncle was retiring from the family company so there was a dinner for him at a Golf Course in Lynden. Good food, good entertainment, and since it’s a family company, lots of family to hold Emma. The course was a beautiful setting, and the evening was warm. So a nice time had by all.
On Friday (which was my birthday – yay me!) John surprised me with tickets to Cirque du Soleil! First he took me shopping at Lululemon, then out for dinner at Aria, then to Cirque. Dan and Leigh were the too, because Dan got Leigh Cirque tickets for Christmas. So while she’d been waiting 6 months to go, I’d been waiting 6 months to find out what my present was (I saw a huge charge on our Visa bill at Christmas time and John was good about keeping his mouth shut about it…). It was a terrific show and I highly recommend it to everyone. It was also the first evening that we had left our kids with the grandparents. We were baby-free! I missed Emma alot, but I knew she was in capable hands, even if she was going to cry more than usual.
We were at a Canada Day/Engagement Party BBQ on Saturday out in the wide open country of Chilliwack. It was great – there were lots of people we hadn’t seen in ages, and most of them now have a kid or two (or four…). That was the weirdest thing. When we were at this Canada Day party 2 years ago, almost no one had kids, and a lot more people were drunk. This time, less people were drunk, and more people had kids. They were everywhere! It was a great to hang out and eat lots of BBQ’d food. It wasn’t great getting chowed on by mosquitos. And with almost 60 people there, no one had bug spray…
Then on Sunday after afternoon church we had family and a few friends over at our house for my birthday celebration. Big BBQ on our little (read: tiny) patio (which everyone managed to squeeze onto). Lots of my and John’s family were there as well as some out of town family friends, and our good friends Camilla and Peter. And I got some neat stuff: my sister in law gave me shoes! They’re beautiful. I love them. I want to sleep with them they’re so hot. My parents gave me an ice cream maker – perfect for this lovely weather we are enjoying. Then some things for our patio, nice bath and body stuff, plus an outfit for Emma.
Monday was low-key day. John had the day off, so we hung around home cleaning and tidying. After a brief shopping trip to get some household stuff, we took a walk in Redwood Park in Surrey. Emma loves walking and loves plants and trees, and John loves eating wild berries, so we had a grand old time.
Yesterday (Tuesday) I FINALLY went climbing again with Camilla. We took our belay tests and then had some fun challenging ourselves. I managed to climb a 5.8 wall on an incline but it was HARD. But I pushed myself and made it. Then Camilla and Peter along with Nathan and Kelly joined us on Semiahmoo Park Beach to watch the July 4th fireworks in Semiahmoo Bay. The city of Blaine has a barge in the bay and there’s a great view from this side of the border. Even cooler is the number of other fireworks displays going on all along the US horizon. It’s really neat.
And so that was the party that kept on going. Now I have to go pick up my crying babe. She has 3 teeth and a fourth on the way! Almost been 6 months… wow.

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