sleep baby sleep

Somehow we have conquered the sleep mystery. For the last week, we have put Emma to bed awake and she has gone to sleep by herself. She will fuss for a few minutes and then play for a bit and then it gets peacefully quiet. And then she doesn’t wake up until the next morning! Like 10-12 hours later. Wow. What did we do to deserve this?
The question is always pressing of whether or not she is eating enough, because her weight gain is still on the really slow side. However, the nurse I talked to last week said that although she wants to keep an eye on it, she thinks it’s just the way Emma is. She’s very active (almost crawling, rolling everywhere, sitting up – you try to change her diaper and see what she does…) so she burns a lot of calories, and comes fromtwo parents who were both skinny babies. She eats well, sleeps well, and is a very happy, noisy baby. So what if she’s skinny and all her pants are too short and too wide?
She’ll be 6 months old tomorrow. Half a year. YIKES! Where did it go? Now we get into eating food. She can already drink from a cup. Chuh! And she has 4 teeth! Talk about your overachiever 🙂

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