total mental confusion

Being pregnant means that all the energy that would normally go to your brain to help you cope and deal with your everyday life is sucked up by your baby, leaving you a bumbling idiot who can’t seem to schedule anything without making huge mistakes. I consider myself normally a pretty organized person. I wouldn’t say I run a completely tight ship around here but it’s definitely not sinking. I keep a detailed calendar in the kitchen, but since so much scheduling can happen over email, I also use my Outlook calendar faithfully. Usually there are no problems. Unless I have baby brain. Then I put things on one calendar and other things on the other calendar and then I end up with what happened this morning. I finally looked at the calendars and realized that the next two days were completely all over and double booked. So the entire morning was spent on the phone rearranging every plan. What a mess! Then again, if the surface of my desk is any indication of the state of my mind, I’m in big trouble…


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