terrible twos

What is it about two year olds that earn them the "terrible twos" reputation? Even sweet, good natured, obedient kids seem to flip a switch as they careen into toddlerhood. For example today, I’m not sure if Emma napped or not – she was in bed for 2 hours and quiet for most of it. However, when she finally started calling for "Mommy Maggie" (yes, she calls me by my first name…) I went in and found that she had taken one of her favourite books, a book that I read as a child, and had shredded it. She had actually ripped out each page from the cover and some of them were torn in pieces. She had also ripped the cover off another favourite book. I was so shocked as she’s usually very careful with books. So I made her stand in the corner (her usual punishment for wrongdoing) and watch me pack all of her books into boxes and put them on a high shelf. So she hasn’t had books for the rest of the day and didn’t get a bedtime story. Will it sink in? She’s two. It’s hard to say if anything is sinking in, like when you have to tell her at every meal not to throw her spoon on the floor when she’s full.

It is exhausting. People who think staying at home with kids is all fun and games have never tried it. And try doing it when you’re 8 months pregnant. No wonder I get a little tired and cranky in the evening. I’ve spent the whole day saying "no" or explaining why she had to go in the corner or holding a flailing screaming and strong toddler having a meltdown. And yet, when she snuggles, laughs, smiles, or makes her goofy eyes, I love her even more. God, grant me patience.


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