so understanding

I love how smart and understanding my kid is. I had to get a blood test today and she just calmly sits in the chair next to me, saying "doctor-lady give you a shot" and doesn’t freak or get squeamish. When Emma has to get a shot, she’s so calm and collected. She barely even noticed the flu shot. I’ve taken her to the dentist too and she is so interested in what he’s doing and loves to open her mouth for him so he can look at her teeth. She even let him poke around a bit with the little mirror and she didn’t fuss or move at all! What a kid. Makes me realize that for all her fierce temperament she also has a terrificly focused personality that is actually quite reasonable.

I have definitely been feeling the pregnancy girth. With only 6 weeks to go, this babe is making me feel heavy, bloated and tired. My sister in law is due any day now though, so the anticipation is for her right now, not me. Her husband is at work today, which means nothing yet. Perhaps this weekend, when we will be away in Birch Bay with some friends. I’m excited about OUTLET SHOPPING and having some R&R away from the chores of home. It’s also nice for Emma to spend time with her bestest friends. Hopefully we’ll come back refreshed and renewed and with a little babe to welcome (from SIL).


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