weekend of fun

We spent the weekend in Birch Bay with our bestest friends and their kids. It was fun to have time together to just chill, hang out, play with the kids, read magazines, play board games, eat good food and generally get some much needed down time. We did of course go the outlet mall and do some shopping which was mostly baby and kid clothes for me. The kids were really good during the shop too. The weather was alright, it didn’t rain during the day and Saturday turned out to be really sunny so the guys went golfing in the afternoon.

But then it was attack of the baby brain again and the attacks were plenty. We had planned to leave Birch Bay early on Sunday morning so we could stop by our house before going to church since John had to change and we had to pick up the food for our church’s bi-monthly communal lunch. As we were driving and listening to the traffic report for the border info, the announcer said it was 9:36. I was like, no it’s not, it’s 8:36… Oh wait,daylight savings. Yeah, we all forgot about it, so with all of our careful planning, we were going to be super late for church. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time we were late or that someone had missed the time change. But then when we got home, John found that he had Leigh’s truck keys in his pocket. But Leigh was still in Birch Bay. So he went off to church and I headed back to the border. When I then had to wait for 45 minutes since they were searching every car with flashlights. Except mine. Because when I told the guard what had happed, he just smiled and waved me through. So I ended up having lunch with Dan & Leigh and then headed back to church for the afternoon service. To top it off, I missed the Lord’s Supper and was supposed to babysit that morning. And missed a good communal lunch. But c’est la vie, right? Things happen and you have to just roll with it. It wouldn’t have done any good to get all mad about it.

Today is a chill day. Emma ended having quite a tantrum yesterday, which is a pretty rare occurrence, so today is a quiet at-home day for us to just do laundry (piles and piles of it…) and get back on schedule. Except she slept in until almost 9 and at 3pm, is still chatting in bed instead of napping. Oh well, as long as she’s in bed and not making me chase her, I’m ok with it!


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