waiting game

Well, no baby yet for Nathan and Kelly but she’s being induced first thing tomorrow morning as she’s having some major swelling. She’s a week over and so she’s feeling like it’s time for this baby to be out! I however have 5 more weeks to go. The midwife tells me everything is great and that the baby is growing beautifully. My challenge right now is to slow down and concentrate on being healthy and relaxed. It’s hard when my low back and hips are in constant agony (sciatica and other things), I have heartburn that feels like razors in my throat, and my two-year old has decided that mealtime is throw food time. Oh, and now she asks for punishments. This morning when I put her in a timeout and she wouldn’t stay there, I started to do the countdown to a spank and she came to me and asked for one on her bare bum. What kind of toddler asks for a spank? So I gave her one spank on her bare bum (just enough to startle her, not hard enough to make her cry) and then put her back in her timeout. She’s been a little cranky and unreasonable lately, but I know that comes with the toddler territory.  We are so blessed by her in countless other ways, and she’s a terrific sleeper, takes afternoon naps, is pretty reasonable and starting to potty train. It’s hard sometimes to remember that she’s only two.  I just can’t imagine our next one being any more lively or precocious that her. Is it possible?


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