family fun

Today was John’s sister’s 25th birthday so we had a family brunch at his parents house. It was nice to see everyone and Nate & Kelly even came by with Avery for a little bit. What calm new parents! Nate’s positively euphoric and Kelly is her normal, down-to-earth self. Not the shell-shocked childbirth survivors that John and I were like when Emma was born. But it will be different this time. Won’t it? We’re much more relaxed and confident as parents, we know what to expect if I end up having another C-section. But is it a boy or a girl? For the last 8 months we’ve been saying boy but all of a sudden I’m thinking it’s a girl… and we have so much girl stuff… bins and bins of girl clothes. Oh well, we have a new niece to pass it on to if mine ends up being a boy!

Last night John and I dropped off Emma at my parents’ place and had a date night, probably the last one for a long time. We headed to the Frogstone Grill in Coquitlam for dinner – neat atmosphere and good food. Then we went to see "10,000 BC" and loved it! Funny, it actually had the same plotline as Mel Gibson’s "Apocolypto" but set in a different time period and part of the world. I thought it was better overall too. I really liked the imagery and mythology related in the narration and dialogue. Plus the mammoths were cool!

John’s out tonight with his cousin from out of town and I am listening to the sounds of Emma singing "Jesus Loves the Little Children" and yelling "hello" at the top of her lungs from her bed since she’s supposed to be asleep. Usually takes her a few minutes of loud singing before she calms down. Has some steam to burn off I guess. It’s stressful not to be the only granddaughter anymore!


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