eating again

I feel like I spend all day preparing food, eating food, and then cleaning up after food. When we were DINKs in the city (Dual Income No Kids) it was so much easier. Order takeout, go out, or prep something just for two. Now it’s an ordeal to make sure there’s all the food groups involved and that it’s acceptable to my picky toddler’s palate. Then it’s an ordeal to eat it since she’s a messy eater and likes to dip, pour and mix her food. Then it’s a massive cleanup. So that’s breakfast. Then there’s lunch. Then afternoon snack and tea. Then dinner. Then dessert or bedtime snack. IT NEVER ENDS! And yet somehow, even with my diligent meal-planning and detailed shopping lists, we always end up with food going bad. Either produce or leftovers. Or things get lost in the freezer and expire. I have such grand aspirations to be a domestic goddess in my kitchen… oh well, a work in progress I suppose. Even if she doesn’t eat all types of food put in front of her, at least my kid eats so much that I never worry if she’s hungry. She eats more than some other people’s whole slew of toddlers.

Last night we had delicious mango curry chicken with a chunky salad (almost no lettuce since it went bad…) and roasted potatoes. It was delicious, and always better when we can cook and share with our friends. Dan & Leigh came over with their kids for dinner and a movie. So after the kids were in bed, we had blueberry pie and ice cream (YUMO!) and watched "Enchanted". Oh how I love movies like this! It was such a cute fun movie. Like Princess Diaries but more grown-up. Recommended if you like Disney movies, grand musical dance numbers, Patrick Dempsey or hot redheads like Ariel. Even Plugged In gave it a pretty positive review. So go watch it. And eat blueberry pie too… Open-mouthed

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