first day of spring

So today is spring. Pretty bleak. It’s not raining but it sure isn’t sunny and warm. Nope, it’s cloudy and cool. That didn’t stop the kids from having fun though. Lisa invited us over for an Easter party. Emma loves Lisa’s kids, Reuben and Carl, so she had a great time, even though there were a couple kids there she didn’t know. Lisa had a little chocolate egg hunt in the playroom where each kid got a little gift bag in which to put their found treasures. It was cute and the kids really got into it (they were all 2 or 3 years old so as into it as toddlers can get!). Then they came downstairs and had cake and juice to celebrate their findings. Afterwards, we decorated hardboiled eggs with paint, markers, glitter and stickers. What a mess! Then while we cleaned that up we made them bunny ear headbands which are really cute. However, none of them would sit still long enough for a picture so I don’t have one (plus I can’t find my camera so I couldn’t bring it). Then the kids ran amok while we got lunch ready. After that, full of food and sugar, they all donned their coats and hats to run around outside for a bit.

After all that excitement and sugar you would expect a toddler to be tuckered out, right? Well, she it. Or was. Enough to have a tantrum as soon as we got home. Once she finally calmed down, we read a book and I tucked her into her nap. That was over 90 minutes ago. Is she sleeping? No… I fear the days of naps are waning, as she seems to sleep less and less during the day. However, she did sleep in until almost 9 this morning. When I went into her room, she was still in dreamland, I had to rouse her. At least she’s taking 2 hours of quiet time in bed though, even if it’s not sleeping, she’s reading or resting. Lord, please help her stick with that quiet time for awhile since I and the new babe will need it!


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