book ban the second

So after the 90 minutes of chatting in bed Emma finally fell asleep for an hour, I’m sure from complete exhaustion. When I went in after her nap, she was laying amid a pile of books (which she isn’t supposed to have in bed) and a pile of shredded flaps from one of her board books. So it is book ban the sequel, where I took all of her books and put them away on a high shelf for the day. It seems to affect her and she appears to understand why I’m doing it… it’s one of those roles you don’t realize you get to have when you become a parent: the toy/book/everything repairer. I’ve fixed toys of various shapes and sizes suffering from a variety of problems from broken parts to bitten parts to ripped parts to dead batteries to missing pieces. I’ve taped, glued and stapled an assortment of board and paper books and covers. I find it hard to write things off as not worth fixing so I’m constantly trying to do it even when it really is a hopeless case…

We had a great sermon this morning to celebrate Good Friday. If you’re interested, it will soon be posted on our church’s website. We then headed to the golf course for a nice lunch with John’s family. And now Emma is in bed and we’re doing the long overdue chore of cleaning the garage. It’s either nesting instinct or spring cleaning mode. Probably a combination of both. Tedious but needs to get done. I have the desire to be a super organized person, so much so that last month I bought all new spice jars and ordered labels from Mabel’s Labels. I ordered the Neat Freak Combo and this resulted in a complete pantry reorganization and it is now flowing in to other parts of the house… definitely nesting. Or making up for lost time. Or avoiding other tedious things that could get done like cleaning under the oven or balancing the ledger… so glad it’s a long weekend!!


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