lazy Saturdays

Yeah right. Not at all a lazy Saturday! Except for the morning lounge in bed with Emma perhaps. Then after showers and getting dressed, we ate cereal while we watched part of the movie "Cars" because John loves Saturday morning TV, and has hooked Emma on it now too. Then they went for a walk while I cleaned up in preparation for our photo shoot this afternoon. John said, "So, be back by noon?" And I, knowing he would be late, said yes. So I cleaned like mad, which means Monday can be my lazy day, and John ended up gone with Emma until almost 1. Typical… he doesn’t wear a watch and seems to totally underestimate the timing of everything. By the time they got home, Emma was hungry and tired after walking for 2.5 hours, since they didn’t take the stroller. John came in teh house with arms laden with grocery bags and Emma on his shoulders. What a dad!

Peter showed up during lunch and set-up while John put Emma to bed. Exhausted, she slept until 4:30, which was terrific because it gave us lots of freedom to do pictures without distraction. They have turned out beautifully and I am looking forward to posting the results. Peter is great about working with the space and lighting available and had some terrific ideas to accentuate the baby belly with soft lighting from the window. We even got some fun family shots with Emma when she woke up.

And now it’s Saturday night and we can finally laze. So I’m going to scrapbook some more while John probably plays video games. Is there a better way to relax?


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