He is Risen

Easter – probably the most important day observed by Christians the world over. Even though the world makes more of a deal of Christmas, it is Easter that holds the true meaning and hope of Christianity. Everyone knows that at Christmas we celebrate the birth of the little Lord Jesus, come to Earth as a helpless babe. But do many non-Christians actually understand the significance of that event as it pertains to Easter? What does Easter mean to a non-Christian? It has been turned into a celebration of spring (not a bad thing in itself) with a weird bunny who lays eggs. I forget why this is so appealing. Why is an egg-laying bunny easier to believe in or digest that a loving God sending his Son to Earth to forgive the sins of the people He created and loves? And so we celebrate that Jesus arose from the dead, bringing eternal life to his believers. Hallelujah!

It was also a special Sunday because we were honoured to witness the baptism of not just Avery but another little covenant child. Before I was baptized myself and then had my own child baptized, the significance and holiness of this sign and seal was not apparent to me. Not until I can look back and see that God had his  hand on my heart my entire life, even when I didn’t know it, can I see the beauty of being one of his covenant children. And since I believe in His covenant with believers, I baptize my children knowing that the promises God gives to me extends to my children. What a wonderful peace I can have in my life knowing that God is sovereign over the whole earth and yet makes special time just for me. Praise Him.


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