tax time

Ooh it’s so great to have your taxes done. Well, actually, it feels great when you don’t have to do them and your wonderful husband does them instead. Thanks, love! I’ve been spending the last few nights editing photos… tedious work, fixing red eye, cropping, adjusting light and colour. But we have 4 years of digital photos on this computer and have not been diligent about keeping up with the editing as we upload them. I mean come on, I haven’t even posted photos of Emma for a year and a half! I have good intentions that new baby will mean *more* time to do this sort of thing… who am I kidding?

Emma had a weird episode this morning – when I went into her room to get her up, she looked as if she had just awoken, which is not unusual. But instead of her usual get-up-and-go she was acting very drowsy. She crawled into my lap and fell back asleep, even though I was talking to her and she was answering. I put her on the changetable to change and dress her and she fell asleep. If you know Emma, you know that this is not normal behaviour for her. I took her temperature and it was a tad low but not low enough to be a worry. So brought her downstairs and she ate and drank breakfast and has been ok since. She hardly ate anything after breakfast yesterday so I’m assuming it was just low blood sugar and maybe not a good night sleep. She seems ok now so we’ll just keep an eye on her.


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