book ban the third and other stories

So why is Emma so taken with book shredding? I took away her book last week and have since only given her half of them back. So what did I find after her nap today? Another pile of books in bed with her and one of them with a bunch of ripped out pieces. Maybe it’s pent up frustration. Maybe it’s boredom. She can’t explain why she does it but she does know it’s not good. And so the books went away again today. I think our only solution it to rearrange the room (again) so that she can’t reach the books from bed.

Yesterday was a nice afternoon and after church we hung out in the backyard doing Bible Study homework while Emma played. She discovered that one of the garden decorations made little rainbows on the ground (it’s a glass prism ball that reflects the sunlight) and was fascinated by it. So we told her how the sunlight goes into the ball, breaks it up, and it comes out as rainbows. And you know what? She seemed to actually get it. In fact, I have a video of her explaining what is happening. Unfortunately,, where I usually post all of my videos, is decommissioning and so now I have to find a new upload site for videos. If you have any recommendations let me know.

We’re two weeks away from becoming a family of four… there are only a few things left on my to do list which is a nice relief. Lots of appointments of course – midwives, massage (darn back pain), hospital tour, waxing (because you want to be looking your best when people are looking at you naked of course). I’m also uploading piles of digital photos for printing in the anticipation of piles of scrapbooking time this spring and summer. Here’s hoping anyway!

If you have any baby predictions, I’d love to know. I’m due on April 16th but I’m sure I’ll be at least few days late. Let’s hope not too late though!


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