Maybe labour is approaching soon. Maybe it’s still 3 weeks away. At any rate, I’m nesting like mad. When I vacuumed this week I actually vacuumed everything, not just the main parts of the house. I did baseboards, under beds and dressers, in closets, fan grills in the bathrooms. I made John bring up the bassinet and suitcases. I washed the baby carseat and bedding. I pulled out all our gender-neutral newborn clothes. I made plans for Emma. C’mon baby, we’re ready! Except that now John is having the recurring dream of being in a university exam and having never studied for it. I had that one a lot when Emma was born. Now I just can’t seem to eat anything, ease my heartburn, or stay out of the bathroom. Any day now! Maybe not tomorrow though, I plan to go to H&M…


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