weekend warrior

Mondays are always tired days. Even though the weekend is supposed to the relaxing part of the week, it usually turns out to be so busy that when I get to Monday I’m exhausted. Well, today is no exception. Besides being a few weeks away from d-day, we had an event at our church last night for which I was babysitting. We’re sending a missionary family to Brazil and they leave on Tuesday so we had a farewell evening for them last night. Since it’s an open invitation, we really had no idea how many people would come, and consequently how many kids would need babysitting. It ended up being packed to the rafters and there were about 11 kids in the nursery, 7 of them under 1 year old. So it was totally exhausting. Especially when is got to about 8 or 8:15 and they all realized it was bedtime but that it was noisy and we weren’t their parents. At one point we had 4 babies almost asleep in the beds and then one made a peep and all of them went off. I admire people who run daycares. I don’t have it in me. So after 3 hours of up and down, calming kids, changing diapers, chasing toddlers, distracting meltdowns etc, I am tired and sore! All that standing, crouching, walking, chasing, bending, carrying, took it’s toll.

Luckily I’ve had such clean-freak nesting going on for the last few weeks and only one appointment this week that the last days before babe arrives will be relatively calm and easy. Oh yeah. I forgot. I have a two year old.


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